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Seven Deadly Sins of Fandom | Villains

That Wrath tho.

Two words drenched in the aftermath of work…FUCKING. BEAUTIFUL.

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I remember less complicated times where all we would do is watch anime, porn, and reruns of x-men downloaded from Kazaa. All after going to the arcade and losing my minds playing DDR and Fighting games, listening to JROCk.

That was our jam. 

If you don’t know who the fuck this man is…..I suggest you find out. 



how can anyone not love space?

Mutherfuckin’ Space…nuff space.

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#gooddays #relaxingdays #qualitytime #vietnamesefood

Oldie but definitely one of my favorite people and restaraunts. 


robot attack - Contra: Hard Corps (Konami - Genesis - 1994) 

You ain’t about that #contralife.

That moment when #Bae got that backwards compatible #ps3 sysytem and 18 game bundle on #ebay and got extra excited for that #HannahMontana joint on ps3 to change his life.


Lmfao (at Cottonwood Apartments)

Walk like your spirit pressure could destroy the world around you, and you know it. ;)





how to walk like a queen [x]

This is the best acting lesson I have every seen in my life



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This gif is the meaning of the word “yas”


This gif is the meaning of the word “yas”

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I am so angry about the way some people are reacting to Dashcon, and I feel really bad for all those attendees. Those people attending don’t really deserve the experience they’ve had - not just the in-person at-con disappointments (that’s happened before), but the hate they’ve been getting on the…

TumblrSJW’s need to #Dialitback #Turndown #Dashcon2014 #neverforget

Damn #Hyatt way to make a guest feel special.

I ain’t even mad at you heh. (at Hyatt Regency O’Hare)

#HelloChicago -.So you say you’re gonna cure this heavy heart?

Well show me watcha got.
(at Chicago Downtown)

#Kids liking #science.

#Kids knowing #science.

Which contributes to a #future of more adults knowing science.

But more importantly potentially more #Women in science.

Makes me almost want to change my mind about having #myownkids.

There still may be #hope for #humanity

Also this kid could totally be on a #disneychannel #series #extrabright

That refreshing content feeling when you walk into your apartment after leaving for the first time after staying in for a week and a half.

~ Roommates cosplay prop materials strewn about
~ #Zanpakuto and #katanas leaning by the #pokeball painting that needs to be hung.
~ My #Posters, #artsupplies and #Figures galore.
~ Dat #onepiece #wallscroll tho.

Why? Because #Serpentterror


(at Cottonwood Apts)